frequently asked questions

Why choose AdsBravo?

AdsBravo is a powerful self-serve Ad Network.

What type of advertising does our platform offer?

AdsBravo offers the following ad formats: Push Notifications, Popunder Ads and in-page Push Ads, which are displayed to the end user on both mobile and desktop devices.

How long do I need to wait for moderation?

We promise to complete moderation of ad campaigns within 20 minutes any time of day, 365 days a year.

How many campaigns can I create?

There is no limit to the number of ad campaigns that you can create.

Which GEOs can I target?

Our platform allows you to target any GEO you’d like to run your ad campaigns in.

Why is my inactive campaign still receiving clicks?

When a campaign is started, push notifications are being sent to users’ devices. These notifications do not disappear until the user clicks on them or deletes them. This can happen after a campaign has been stopped.

Is there a minimum recharge amount?

Minimum recharge credit is $100 USD.

How and when can I access support?

Our support team is available via all popular messengers Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm and from 8am to 3pm on Fridays.

Which payment systems can I use to recharge my balance?

You can add credit automatically using:
You can add funds manually via support agent using these methods:

Wire transfer

What parameters can I target in an advertising campaign?

Subscription period
ISP (mobile operator)

Do my campaigns depend on my balance?

We recommend you keep a minimum $100 USD balance to keep ads showing without slowing down. The speed of your campaign will slow down as soon as you go below $50 USD.